Why Petrocelli?

Our team of more than 10 employees is here to help you navigate your way through the claim process and we are passionate about negotiating the settlement you are legally entitled to receive. Combined, we have over 150 years of experience working in the insurance industry. We have an equally as strong construction background, as Mark Petrocelli, the President and Owner of the company began his career as a general contractor. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients.

Our goal is to maximize our client’s claim settlement, while providing peace of mind, while ensuring that their claim is being managed exceptionally and they are in the hands of claim professionals.

In addition to Petrocelli Public Insurance Adjusters we have experience in residential and commercial property restoration going back to 1963, with the founder of the company, Phil Petrocelli (Mark, Mike and Paul’s father). This background provides us with additional insight into the problems and issues facing our clients during the claim process involving repairs to their home. Our background also enables us to effectively communicate with our clients, the client’s contractor’s and the insurance company adjusters.

Petrocelli Public Insurance Adjusters is licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Division of Insurance and belongs to the Massachusetts Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (MAPIA). We also have staff adjusters that are licensed in NH, ME, RI and CT.



What is a Public Insurance Adjuster?

Public Insurance adjusters work independently for the homeowner and/or the commercial property owner, also known as the policyholder, following an insurance loss. We act as your representative, making sure you are compensated for everything to which you are legally entitled. Public insurance adjusters are not connected in any way to insurance companies, however we will deal with any insurance carrier, licensed to do business in MA, NH and ME, on your behalf. The insurance company will retain an Independent adjuster or a staff adjuster, to work for them and we would always recommend that you hire a public adjuster, to work for you. We would like to be your Public Adjuster.


Why use a Public Insurance Adjuster?

We are highly trained and experienced to handle your insurance claim. It is a new and often daunting experience for the homeowner but it is what we do every day as good, or better, than any adjusting firm in the Commonwealth. We are involved with the insurance industry claim process every hour of every working day, which gives us an insider's perspective on the insurance claims process. We are constantly updating our library of Policies and relevant changes in the Property & Casualty industry. Petrocelli Public Insurance Adjusters handle every aspect of the claim process, so you don't have to worry about any of the details. Our fee is a percentage of your insurance settlement.